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Originally Posted by imlolin View Post
that's a good statement. what would a 200k b230f make with one of those? i've been considering turbo since it's quite the slowpoke and it needs some more power. what would it require to have 250whp?

also, i'm happy you have John 3:16 in your sig. Praise Him.
Praise Him indeed friend! glad to have you around here.

If the engine is in good shape, and you slapped a nice turbo on it, you would need:

injectors (55~+lbs/hr)
if staying 2.4, chips to deal with boost and timing (perhaps taking some more out because compression)
a good intercooler
a hilarious fabricator who wants to make it all come together.
a nice phat 4" exit coming out the hood
and defo an external wastegate, v-band ebay flavor for the cheapz.
I suppose you could *Try* one of those ebay manifolds:
its made out of a different material (ss321) that should help it crack less, but maybe not. I always weld some more material around the collector and do some bracing. The flange needs to be flipped anyway.

for lols and perhaps something you might find inspirational, here's a few pictures of my 242. due to alot of problems and me being cheap it only made the power it did, and alot later then it should have due to once again, me not understanding how an engine works and not having much money. lol.


God bless

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