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Default Homer's 1990 240 redblock exorcism

Latest specs:

B5234T3 Engine (98' S70 T5 donor)
ME7 Intake Manifold
Buchkakustum Sch10 stainless exhaust manifold (top mount)
Garrett GTX3067R 0.63 A/R turbine housing 44mm external gate
VEMS Ecu with full sequential ign/fuel, Idle control, Boost control
M90 Trans- short throw shifter
850R clutch
RSI-H-beam rods
DeatschWerks DW300 in tank
Bosch EV14 611cc injectors
3" Exhaust, stainless turbo to cat--> 200 cell metal core cat --> aluminum cat back, single carbon fiber muffler

fifteen52 Tarmac wheels- 17x9 ET7 up front ET7 out back
F-330mm Six pot brembo R-330mm 4 pot brembos (Cayenne/Touraeg/Q7)
Cobra Mustang MC
25/19 Sways
Coilovers, koni yellow dampers 336lb F / 175lb R
GrpA replica camber plates, inverted spring seats with floating secondary seats.
Adjustable panhard and torque rods. Poly Torque rod bushings.
Kaplhenke QuickSteer/Roll correction spacers

2008 V50 front seats (memory, power, heated) for that de-luxe feel
Momo mod. 78 steering wheel
VEMS LCD display
Blaupunkt RDM169 Head unit
Eclipse/MBQuart Coaxials
8" RF sub (hides in the spare tire well)

I'll put the latest picture I've taken right here.

Time to de-tractor the 240.
93 GLT cams-✔
ME7 intake-✔
Turbocharger-Holset HE351CW✔
Engine mounts✔
-850R- PN 272218
Some other stuff I won't divulge until its on the car running.

The previous state:

Been junkyarding recently.

Low mileage S70 T5 motor. Except its still sitting in MA until Alex and that damn ******* Karl get back from winter wonderland in december. I'll be getting a trashed block and head for mockup.

VEMS will be the next thing on order. Unless a turbo shows up somewhere that I like.

There will be some Bucka involvement in this project.
1990 240 - 5 Cyl Whiteblocked.
2006 A4 - Comfy DD
Need something TIG welded? Give me a shout.

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