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It's been soo long since last update Something has at least happened. Here's some sort of (long)recap. Some videolinks in the end.

Last year ended soon after previous update with another engine problem. Took the head off to change head gasket and noticed scratches in four cylinders. After the engine failure I tried to clean the intake manifold but some debris was still in there. Those came back in to the engine That was it for the last year.

I decided still try to build a new engine with better pistons. This time I chose Wössner 81.5mm. With a friend we had some measurement changes done to the basic model to get higher compression ratio than stock 8.5 and a bit thicker skirts. Wait for the pistons was much longer than originally was told but it didn't change much. The block from the engine mentioned earlier was bored and grinded. Nothing else changed really after trying some rougher cams and T6 intake(can be found in the pics linked below). Has to have a better intake for those cams to idle decently etc.

While engine was out, I did some bodywork and had the whole car painted. Could have painted myself but wanted a better surface. I changed bottoms of rocker panels to square tube for better(?) strength and rebuilt underside of rear bumper. It was bad when I bought the car over 5,5 years ago and somehow it got worse... Also made some sort of halfcage that attaches with bolts and is in the car only when needed.

Pics about stuff that happened to the body and such here.

After waiting the paint to dry, I tried to do some polishing to the surface. I'm still not 100% happy with the result but it's ok I'll do it again for better results. Bought new original mudflaps and all sorts stuff to fit with new paint.

Here's a pic of a sort:

Slowly during the year I've done a big brake upgrade with XC90 discs. 336mm front, 308mm rear. Front calipers are the same S60/V70II/S80 which I've had before, rear are XC90. Had new front adapters made from aluminium and did rear myself. I'll update the rear to aluminium during the winter. Polaris is a bit difficult with these brakes considering fitment. Spokes are so close. After some fine tuning there is small airgap front and rear. From rear caliper I just had to grind the outside cast straight. Few other bits were needed with rear brakes as well. Handbrake is not yet as I want it. I just modified brakeshoes and linkage. I'll have to have an inside drum machined for it because drum from stock rear disc doesn't fit as is. Pads are EBC Redstuff all round. Balance and pedal feel are great.

Pics of brakes.
Did the front brake assembly outside in the winter while there was no engine in the car

After driving a while engine had spark problems in full pull and block cracked outwards from intake side at the same time with head gasket. I've heard this is usual in 4-cyl whiteblocks with same problems. End result was not so bad after all. Block was junk and 2 piston pins were bent due to hydraulic lock. All pins were replaced with stock T6 piston pins and had another block bored and grinded. This block is the one that had some bad experiences in the standing mile last year. Changed the K31 to HX55 with 80mm #25 exhaust and put stock coolant expansion tank for better pressure. The #25 is a little too big, will try #22 if it'll help a bit. I have M90 Eaton on the shelf waiting which will propably help also if I end up using it Pics of block damage here.

This is how the engine bay looks now.

Changed the front springs from 9" 500lbs to 8" 600lbs. Now front behaves way better than before, especially on track. I have driven now for a while and drove some 20 laps on Ahvenisto in VRCF summermeet. Not pushing the car too much and driving lines are somewhere out there. Engine was driven about 500km after assebly before going to track and had its first "proper" oil changed previous day
Here is an incar video:

Last sunday did 5 pulls on quarter mile and it went ok. Starting easily with HX55 spooling slowly and me not wanting to hurt rearend and other parts too much. Best speed 218.58km/h(135.8mph), time being 12,316s. Rest of the results here. Weight of the car with driver is around 1600kg/3527lbs.
Incar of a couple of pulls here:
Notice the nice grinding of second gear on the first pull. Then changing to fourth and after that back to second. Still 209.42km/h(130.13mph) Basic street tires, Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 215/45 front and 225/45 rear. No clear grip issues with this power yet...

Also did a new rear muffler from stainless. It's about 2.5 times bigger than old. It succeeded surprisingly well and time used was luckily worth it. You can't hear exhaust inside even on full gas. I got some "complaints" that it was too quiet on track As can(not) be heard in the videos. Pics can be found from the first link or here.

This is half of the old muffler and the new one.

Thats for it now I guess
444 -55,
242 DL -80 (was 4.6l)sold, 245 -88 "B6284T" sold, 245 -92 B6294,
245 -90 "B6284T"

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