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Post $650 1993 940 Turbo Wagon

A little backstory. Last year I got a job about 30 miles away from where I live in downtown Portland so I ended up selling my black 760 turbo for much too little (practically gave it away) to buy a TDI so that I could commute there and back every single day. Well since then I regretted my choice and was on the search for a clean 2/7/9 series wagon that I could call my own.

EDIT: I found an old photo of my old 760 TIC


Last week I found a 1993 940 Turbo wagon for sale for $650. I quickly contacted the owner and told him I was interested in looking at the car. After meeting up with him to look it over, I quickly saw that even with 314k miles, the car was very well cared for in most regards. I didn't negotiate on price as the car was already priced extremely low.

The main point of concern with the car (and probably why the wagon was priced so low) was the rear suspension. Accelerate too fast or go over a speed bump too quickly and suddenly the car acquired hydraulic suspension bouncing you the the moon and back.

Driving the car home I could easily see that the car received the appropriate care a Volvo normally needs at this age. The 940 accelerated and downshifted extremely well leading me to believe the kick down cable had been adjusted and by the condition of the spark plug wires, I believe those were replaced rather recently as well. The car starts, idles, runs and drives with no issues outside of suspension.

Stage 0 will take place regardless of how new everything is so I can insure everything is where it needs to be. Then I have some plans for it.

Future Plans:
-531 with port work and bigger valves and stronger valve springs
-vx/iPD cam
-Performance iPD wires
-Yoshifab H-beam connecting rods
-iPD/STS Machining adjustable cam gear
-Nathan intake manifold (if I can find one, if not I might have to talk to a fabricator.
-TLAO chips
- 3 inch exhaust with free flowing resonator
-iPD lowering springs with Koni Shocks (or Bilstien HD's) OR
-Kaplhenke coilovers (I'm not too crazy about going low, but I want adjustability for the summer time)
-16 or 17 inch wheels, Borbet Type E's 17x8 or some other similar 5 spoke wheels
-Accumulator mod in an AW72 if I can find one if not, in my AW71.
-E-code headlights
-V90 mirrors and door handles

That's all I can think of for now. I will be posting here to update, every time I do something new to the car.

Below is a link with all the photos and *hopefully* images below that I took of the car to show it off before I go off and start modifying it. (If anything shows up incorrectly, this is my second post and only my first time posting photos)

Can't have all the nice things, good thing I'm switching over to Euro headlights

Surprisingly the electrics all work except for the heated portion of the seats. But then again when was the last time you saw working heated seats in a 7/9?

Yup, and the odo keeps chugging away, no broken gears here

I don't think this tool kit has ever been opened... the gloves looked brand new. In fact I didn't even know gloves were an actual option with these because I've never seen a complete tool kit

Although dirty, headliner is all intact

This looks similar to most 940 rack's I've seen but no bars in the middle, is this normal?

Sunroof works and doesn't get stuck or leak!!!! It's a miracle

I'm just here for the soccer moms and grandmas

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