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Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
Re: heated seats... Last time was the last time I drove the 764Ti. So, Monday night. Same with the 745Ti...

Not a bad looking wagon. I'd pull the rack and, for now, grab 8 5/8" rubber grommets and 8 3/8" black nylon hole plugs. Goop'em up and install them in the holes after removing the wellnuts. Eventually, either use Fiberall or structural urethane with some strips of sheetmetal cut to fit where the holes are. You'll want to drop the headliner to do this, so maybe do it when/if you install a glass 960 moonroof. The reason there are no slats is because the person who installed the rack didn't add them. A bit better, in that when you do remove it, there will only be four slightly darker spots on the roof.

If I remember correctly, there is a 740 Turbo wagon at one of the PnP yards down there that is the same color as yours. It may have a fuel filler door with hinge. If not, Lynnwood PnP has an '86 wagon that's the slightly lighter blue shown on my 245 in the signature below. It still had one on it the last time I looked (last weekend).

Iíll have to check all my connections starting with the the switches going all the way to the relays and maybe even the wiring in the seats to make sure everything is one complete circuit. Iíve just never seen the seats work in anyoneís Volvoís that Iíve known so itís slightly discouraging.

On my 765Ti I used iPDís plug kit and while that worked, it definitely wasnít the cleanest option. Maybe if I build up the courage to take out my headliner, I can then fill the holes. As for the 960 glass moonroof, this is definitely something I want to do in the very near future, itís easy to source parts and not too difficult to change either.

As for the gas door, I still have the door but the hinge inside where the door normally mounts is broken. But again I think this is normal and I might have to just get the iPD replacement as I remember they make something like this if Iím not mistaken.
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