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Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. The one that tells the ECU what the engine temp is. That's what it sounds like to me. If it isn't bad, it soon will be. A $25 part. Get a real Bosch one, not aftermarket from the auto store. When these fail, they are intermittent and often show up during warm engine conditions. If the car is easy to start after it has cooled down for half an hour, then that's what it is.
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I know it's hard to believe that someone wants (on turbobricks) to make things work the right way. My extensive search shows this hasn't happened since 2005 when there was a ziptie shortage and Tbrickers were forced to buy and use the correct parts
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This is the only forum in existence where people get mad that their cars are worth more than 500
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I don't know how to do anything, help! Whats the quickest easiest dumbass proof way to fix this besides taking it to someone who knows how?
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