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Originally Posted by Han-Tyumi View Post
Okay, so to start this off:

Lately my 1987 745 Turbo has been "hiccuping". Sometimes on idle it will just stop firing for half a second and run fine and then "hiccup" again, etc.. Only recently has it started doing it under boost, but only at freeway speeds. Say I put my foot down to pass; it sort of sputters and has a little bit of a hard time building boost for a second and then will be okay after it's moment and I can be in boost for as long as I'd like, until I slow back down and try to pass again.

Today on the freeway, on my way back home in a terrible snow storm, it stopped letting me give it fuel. Out of nowhere, it just sort of stopped the input of my pedal and slowly went down to 1000 RPM and then turned off and wouldn't start. Luckily, I had time to get to the shoulder. I popped my hood to see if anything was out of the ordinary, no go. I tried starting in limp mode "MAF unplugged" and no dice. I let it sit for a few seconds and it starts for 1 second and turns off again. I thought maybe one of the fuel pumps died. I double checked my ignition and air. No visible leaks, and I did a full ignition tune up about a month ago. So I get towed (which took 40 minutes for him to arrive and then 3 hours to get home due to the length of the journey and the terrible storm).

My car has been a bit of a nancy at times, acting funny for some period of time and then magically fixing itself, so I wondered.. Will it start now that it's home and I had gotten it towed for an outrageous amount of money.. Of course it does, and it drives too. As if nothing happened.

I don't know where to begin. The "hiccuping" issue has been happening for awhile, but seemingly fixes itself for weeks and comes back randomly. I will also note that my battery failed a test back in June, but hasn't ever had a problem climbing back up to 14 volts on the gauge in the cluster. Now that it's gotten really cold though, if I turn my headlights on in the morning none of the cluster lights work, no analog clock function, no speedo, no rpm gauge, no fuel and it shows the hazard lights stuck on, until it climbs back up to around 11 volts, then everything springs to life. I'm not sure if it could be my battery making things act weird, but I'm getting sick of it.

Any recommendations?
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