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I guess I am spoiled.

I have been using this shop for (nearly) my entire adult life...

Every single Bosch alternator rebuilt by them put out 14 volts or more. I would swear they were all closer to 15 but it has been a while since I've even had my hands on one, so...

FWIW, I know that the 100A Bosch rebuilt by Southern Armature (and properly shimmed to run on my b230ft) ran at 14.6. It also ran an OEM Bosch regulator. YMMV.

Anyway, batteries rarely (never, excepting low fluid cases - even then...) test bad and then suddenly function properly. So, this is where the OP should start.

Edit:// I also had (have - not in use) AutoMeter gauges (voltage, vac/Boost, oil pressure) but even then... only used them as relative measurements against calibrated Technicians gauges (or my Fluke in this case).

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