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Okay, I am fairly sure my hoses aren't collapsing, as the car revs freely as high as I want, it just doesn't accelerate. And I don't have a torn intake coupler or hose, as far as I can tell. Accelerating slowly makes no difference.

Pretty sure my AMM is okay. I had some sketchy contacts on it, cleaned and tightened them. When the AMM was giving me trouble the car behaved completely differently, refusing to accelerate at all, bucking and generally being difficult.

From the pictures in those threads it looks like two of the three ports on the bypass valve were hooked up correctly, so dumping to atmosphere would just result in a rich spike on my car. I do remember occasionally smelling a little gasoline smell back when the car was running correctly, so it looks like that's my issue. I'm guessing that the surge-type noise I was hearing was the valve fluttering.

I'll have to make a junkyard run tomorrow and see if I can scrounge up a few replacements. Hopefully that's all this is.
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