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Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post
That CBV needs to be plumbed back into the intake pre turbo.

Also that hose looks fairly kinked off, probably not helping.

Try this, pull the CBV and plug the port for now. Try accelerating and see if that improves (one thing, avoid suddenly snapping the throttle shut after being in boost as you'll have no pressure relief while its "bypassed".
Yeah, I'm going to look at some better plumbing stuff but I don't have any spare hoses to mess with so I'll have to do some measuring and order something online most likely.

I did get a replacement CBV of the same type, but the "better" model (ending in 110, supposedly built for ~10-15 pounds of boost rather than 7-10) that's supposed to be more durable. Haven't had a chance to run without it, but with the new one installed it definitely feels better. Instead of the faint surge I was hearing I get what you would expect from an open-port CBV, a nice BOV-like hiss on deceleration.

Not sure if the boost issue is fixed, as it rained tonight, so my drive was a little too scary to attempt any boost. It did seem like it pulled a little harder than it had been lately, but the tires started spinning before I could get any real sense of how it's performing, so I laid off for the night. I will drive it some tomorrow and see if the new CBV fixed the problem.

I do also have an issue with it not wanting to idle when cold and dying after letting off the gas after boost, which was a problem I had when I got the car that "fixed" itself. It seems that the CBV being open was helping it smooth out the idle, and now that I have the stronger model it's not open at idle any more. I am going to test the throttle switch and its alignment as I know it's been messed with at least once. The IAC does operate if I put the ECU in test mode, so I know that's working.

tl;dr: multiple issues now presenting symptoms, CBV was only part of it. Test drive inconclusive due to wet streets.
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