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Well, I finally got some time to work on the car today. After spending about half an hour with the compressor hooked up to the turbo inlet hose and pushing 20-25 psi through the intake I was unable to find any boost leaks after all. The hose I suspected to be the problem is actually fine - it rubbed up against something and rubbed a small divot in the outer sheath, but it's not leaking. I will replace it soon but for now it's not the problem - I added a few layers of padded tape to keep it from rubbing any more. I did take all of the older looking hoses off and inspect them by flexing and twisting them but it turns out they're just faded, not cracked. Checked the throttle body, it's clean. Checked the FPR, it's not leaking.

I did end up pulling the fuse for the ECU to reset it and that seems to have fixed the stumbling problem. It now drives beautifully under any condition, no backfires, no hesitation. Idle is back to normal, throttle response is back to normal.

Still no power from the turbo though. Gauge reads 10 psi, dropping to around 8 after a second. I'm not even approaching high revs, the car runs completely out of steam before 6000 RPM. Previously I was getting some boost at around 3000.

I'm aware that the CBV venting to atmosphere is bad, but I did drive it like this for a few months straight with zero issues and it pulled as hard as I could have wanted. It's on the to-fix list but because of the way everything is plumbed I would pretty much have to redo the whole intake and the hot side of the intercooler, and I don't have the budget to blow on a ton of new hoses right now. If I move the AMM->Turbo hose forward to install a port for the CBV, it'll kink the hose pretty badly. It looks like everything is made from OEM Volvo hoses so I'm guessing I will eventually end up buying a bunch of hose lengths and bends from to rebuild it.

Sorry for all the stupidity on my part, I'm trying to learn while diagnosing.
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