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I see, I have heard of this heater set-up but no experience with it. The only concern with it disconnected is what receives the signal? is disconnection going to change the ECU readings or LH system readings? I'm sure this has been covered on tbricks before (search google with " [search words]")

Look up crankcase system or PCV. The hose simply starts at oil trap and runs to turbo hose; there is small y-joint of sorts that connects a small hose to manifold. But then the turbo may not be stock if the BOV vents into engine bay. I think maybe turbo is supposed to have the BOV built into it, which is usually called a CBV, compressor blow-off valve instead, does the same thing, different name.

Also try Google images for your engine, 16v is less common compared to 8v.

Don't worry about not knowing about hose collapse, turbocharging is a System, not simply a single part, by the end of this you likely know all about them!
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