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Originally Posted by Bensin View Post
I see, I have heard of this heater set-up but no experience with it. The only concern with it disconnected is what receives the signal? is disconnection going to change the ECU readings or LH system readings? I'm sure this has been covered on tbricks before (search google with " [search words]")
I've been doing nothing BUT googling TB for answers. I have a fairly good grasp of how the PCV system is supposed to work. There doesn't seem to be any signal involved from the heater in this variant. I think this is something that was included on some cars destined for colder climates. Since I'm in Florida I don't *think* I'll hurt anything by leaving it off. Since most Volvos don't seem to need a heater there I think I'm safe.

The problem with figuring this out via pictures is that a lot of this car is 'customized' with mostly factory Volvo parts, so it has the wrong turbo with external CBV instead of internal, the wrong hoses, the Saab CBV instead of the OEM Pierburg, etc etc. But it all looks nearly stock. The work was done well, it just needs updating.

Hopefully I can get the new hose stuff ordered in the next few days and solve this problem. And hopefully the stupid hose is all it needs..
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