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Originally Posted by honeylake View Post
So, have the chrome bars been removed? I can't seem to find any others via image search...
That absolutely is not a 7-9 Turbo grill installed in a 240 out frame. There are 4 obvious differences if you look at the pictures. Notice that the vertical ribs are slightly recesse9 and thinner than the horizontal ribs? They are also solid, whereas the 7-9 grill ribs are hollow on the back side to prevent plastic sink when they are molded. They are also the same thickness and radius on the front edge, unlike this grill. The upper corners on this grill aren't filled in the way the 9 series grill is. The other difference you can't tell from the pics is if you remove the emblem cross bar from a 7-9 grill there is a channel it runs in that becomes obvious. All the ribs are recesses ~ 1/8" where the emblem fits, including where the diagonal bar runs. Last, look at the grid count. The 240 grill grid has 12 blocks going horizontally, 7 vertically. The 9 series is 12X6. Look up Aussie grill. I think that is a slightly modified Aussie grill.
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