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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Is it just me, or does all this sticky tell you to do is search for your own info. Pointless?
for the most part I agree with you.

I found this page very helpful...

if some one that has done this swap would be kind enough, to post up all the parts they needed to get, like a shoping list. and post up what system they started with ect, like I want to use 2.2 2.4 efi on my car frist before I try megasquirt, so a build useing megasquirt or cis wouldnt be useful for me, but might be for others. and I would belive the lists would difer quite a bit.

if it comes to it I will post it up, cus I am doing this with or w/o help, my car will be a turbo.

people mention useing resitors to use turbo injectors with n/a 2.4 cpu's. can any one tell me what resistors to use.?
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