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Not giving up.... does anyone have an idea of what this little pin thingy could be in between the fuel distributor and the volumeter? (circled)

I had noticed that it was turned slightly counter-clockwise from its original position.... before my hand collided with it will dealing with that PITA of a plunger... thingy. In the photo I have it turned back to roughly where it was before. Im not sure if it did anything though seeing as my day was ruined and I just wanted to leave the whip alone.

When I turn this pin, I do feel the slightest of resistance. It also never makes a move during normal vehicle operation. Could this be the mixture screw thingy? I understand that its supposed to be a 3mm? allen wrench, but this leads down into some insert.... hard to explain. Better if I can get a pic. I'm not finding any vacuum leaks around the area I was playing in today (now yesterday) and the only thing that was off was this pin. The car magically got a rough idle and some surging after I had did some routine cleaning on it.
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