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oooooooooooook, I'm here to shut this down. Turns out my stupid ass slightly disconnected a connector for the frequency valve. Actually, idk if that's exactly what it's for but it use to be that when I rev'd the engine (with the throttle pulley thingy) you could hear a high frequency pitch that seems to match the throttle input. That had disappeared the day before yesterday and I didn't notice anything until today when I was making sure everything was tidy up.... everything. Plugged that back in, got a high pitch sound again, and the surging seemed to die off as I drove about 10mi. Once I got back to my subdivision, the surging in low 1st, 2nd, and 3rd had also took a hike. Im glad to say the trusty Volvo is back in action, truly.

I also wanted to say something about that pin. This is probably a figment of my imagination, but as I kept turning the pin clockwise, it almost seemed as if some of the surging was also being nursed. BUT, being that the mixture was never off before and that there was no change in the amount of raw gas smell coming out the exhaust or looming around the car, it more than likely did nothing. It was completely mental.

Im not messing with anything else for a while now. I'm going to the skatepark and that's final..... wish it was Burnside!!!!
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