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After a few more weeks of driving it with some new parts, here's where I stand.

Replaced AMM with known good rebuilt unit. No change.
Replaced CBV with higher-quality, non exploded CBV. CBV now functions although it is still venting to atmosphere. It does not feel like there is any vacuum on it at idle.

Car pops on initial throttle tip-in whether in gear or in neutral. I'm not sure if it's a backfire or something else, it sounds like someone smacking the end of a hollow tube. Maybe an intake backfire?

Car hesitates after these pops, and eventually engages and drives normally (as a naturally aspirated 16V) after a second or two. If I really step on it it will occasionally do the same thing at higher RPMs under load, but that's only happened once or twice and I can't seem to duplicate it.

TPS is adjusted correctly and idle motor appears to engage as it should. Pinching off the idle hose to the manifold does not affect the motor, I am looking for post-throttle body leaks but haven't found anything.

Unplugging the AMM and plugging it back in results in about a 600 RPM increase in idle speed and almost complete reduction of the hesitation and popping. I am not sure if this is normal or what this does to LH2.4 - I know unplugging the AMM puts it in limp-home mode but I don't know what effect reattaching it does.

I think I found a major boost leak and will be testing that today, but I don't want to apply boost until I fix this other issue.

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