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Today was a successful day. The interior is back together, the car fires right up on the MS1, AND the transmission works (once I added enough ATF, oops). I have a f**king oil leak near the oil return, that seems to be from the pan flange. It didn't look warped from the welding, but maybe it is a bit. Liveable, but very irritating.

I also got my downpipe fabbed up, and it was super easy. My turbo is a 16T angled flange, and I grabbed the DP from the S60 when I got the turbo at the junkers. All I did was cut the DP at the flange, rotate it a bit, tack it, test to fit, and weld. It took 10 minutes. There's even an O2 bung, so I didn't have to install one.

1984 244/ B6304S+T / AW30-40 w/Poi-Shift.
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