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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
That looks great! About to work on mine. Were they originally back or grey ? did you have to touchup the logo on warning lights? how?

congratulations on the Jalopnik article, how did they find you ?

ps if you ever find a driver 220 taillight body panel please keep me in mind, I need one for my 220
They were originally grey. I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and the SEM stuff was super easy to use. I did not touch up the warning light logo, I just used the best I could find out of my multiple cars.

Thanks! I emailed them a while back for project of the month. I sent them a follow-up email to touch base and tell them that I was doing the trip, it all went from there.

I'll look around, but what I have left is probably not going to be in awesome shape. Which panel do you need exactly?
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