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small update:

I had to reflow some solder joints in my radio. Driver side front speaker would go in and out and then the passenger side finally stopped working (after 3 months)
This is very common on other volvo radios. It's a pain to get to this part since you have to unsolder a bunch of wires and take just about every circuit board out. So don't trow your old radio just fix it
bonus: inside the radio I found the missing "LO/DX" button that was gone since before I found it at a yard

I have to go and pick up a nice b230 head from a local JY since 122power wants to horde his b230 head
2 of my exhaust studs broke off in cylinder #4 and I failed at pulling them out while on the car.
I dont want the car down so I will drive like this until this head comes back from machine shop.
I will probably port it a bit also and install the "m" cam (if thats the correct name of it)

No need to swap in the 58k engine because this one runs fine and burns no oil at 280k

pictures of installed efan and a stupid cone filter to fallow.
I installed a cone filter in preparation of installing 240 turbo oil cooler. The NA box is in the way and this filter was $3
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