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8v are still cool, right?
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Finally got around to fixing the intake manifold. I made a new mount from some angle aluminum as well as some gussets. My buddy re-welded the joint and the gussets. No way it's breaking again. The fuel lines have plenty of slack.

While I was in there, I made some RX7 brackets and installed them.

Finally put on my LMs as well. They have Michelin Pilot Super Sports on in 225/45r17 and 245/40r17. Front effective offset is 0 and rear is 15 mm.

The rears rub a tiny bit on bumps. I need to center my axle a bit and maybe roll my fenders a little more. Maybe I could remove a bit of material from the spacer. Really what I need is some adjustable trailing arms to move the wheels to the front a bit.

I also need to get the rest of the air out of my brakes, the pedal is a bit soft.
1982 242 Turbo.
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