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My upholstery guy got this done way quicker than I thought he would. It's done in black street suede. The fabric doesn't match my front seats that well, but it's black and cheap and looks good. He did try to match the front Recaros with the horizontal striping. The Recaros have three horizonal stripes, and he put two in the bench. He was also going to recover my door cards, but they were in too bad of shape to spend time and money on (I've also pretty well reached my limit on car parts spending for a while). So I'm looking for some decent cards to recover, or I'll make my own out of aluminum if I can't find anything for a decent price. I also need to find a decent parcel shelf to recover. I have until September before he goes back to Venezuela. He's friends with the father of one of my buddies and is visiting for a few months. I'm getting close to my pretty much full black interior.

1982 242 Turbo.
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