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When I saw the comments about double shear on the lower, I initially agreed completely...But I'm no suspension guru. Then yesterday I saw that you can buy out of the box coilovers mounts which are designed just like this, from Sweet Mfg and others. Not making judgment either way because I don't know what's right but just saying this seems to be an "accepted" mounting method in motorsports.
It is more a design issue than a suspension issue. Sure it can be done as evidenced here and with other manufactures offering a similar design. However, it should be engineered for the dynamic loads that could be imposed. Race cars vs street cars, drag cars vs rally cars each would have its own limit. I don't think it will sheer off the bolt. My concern is that the connection would bend from the cantilever forces which is yield, and depending on the application yield is failure.
I am not an alarmist. The build is solid. I commented as the top bolt is in double sheer, and it would be "nice" to have the lower one as well. A 1/4" plate of A36 is pretty stout stuff, but it would be fairly easy to run some numbers on an axial load.
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I donít know how to respond.
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