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This weekend I didn’t have much available time. It’s Nutcracker season at my daughter’s ballet school so we all are in hectic mode. I did get the heater box swapped out (mine was non-AC, early stuff that I couldn’t find fan covers for), the wiper hubs pressed on to the linkage assembly and started trimming the dash. The bad news is that so much of the dash needs to be trimmed off that the OEM E30 cluster will not fit in the stock placement. The Volvo (stock) had a thin dash and the footwell space was out under the hood. The windshield sits much more vertical than the E30. The E30 has a longer dash and the foot well space is in the car. I think I can metalwork the Volvo firewall a bit and get the cluster to fit further back, but I don’t see it getting far enough back.

To get the vents working I’ll need to basically make adapters for the back of the vents and use flexible hose to get to the heater box (like small shop vac hose). We’ll see when I get the dash fit and mounted a bit better.

Next steps are gonna be tougher since it’s so cold out (fiberglass work in the near future).

Stock Amazon dash:


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