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Default LH2.2 chips may be a reality

LH2.2 chips may be a reality.

I have got 740ATL and canuckvolvo to send me their LH2.2 ECU´s for evaluation. The 541 and 591 are the numbers are the ones lended to me, and those are the ones that at least 95% of you use.

When I started the "Chips for redblocks" group-buy thread and introduced the LH2.4 chips, I got a lot (and I mean a lot) of questions wether or not LH2.2 would also be included some day. The "Chips for redblocks" thread will have a good shot at getting a real "Chips for (all) redblocks" thread now, and not only for the LH2.4 redblocks.

I have really not got any real response from anyone since I announced the possibility of a future chip even though it seems like it is badly wanted... SO COME ON GUYS, ANNOUNCE YOUR INTEREST!

Tell me that you are interested by sending me a simple PM and I will list you as interested buyers. It will not be a commitment to buy anything. When the day comes, you will be asked if you want to buy it or not, now or in a later group-buy.

Lists and all other info can be found here: Chips for redblocks

You all will be notified the minute I get the results from the LH2.2 ECU tests.

Happy driving,
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