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Paint, well, i got a few good ideas from a painter buddy, so i'll do the prep work in a few weeks i hope.

Meanwhile got the struts sorted out (-1,5 coils), tie and control arm ball joints are nice and tight, they will stay there.
Front brakes will get a fresh set of seals, rear brakes sent to the sandblaster along with a lot of suspension parts.

Bolted on the power steering, and it already made a little oil puddle under the left tie rod end... And its not even under pressure... We will see how that goes when i start using the car.

Also, as I seen this:
I did exactly the same with the beige car's early VDO cluster and two spare 86+ VDO clusters (thanks 12david34).
Gauge face bolts on perfectly, trip meter opening needs a little work.
Also i had to trim the PCB of the speedo and the PCB of the cluster to fit it together.
I have to paint the needle white, or come up with a nice color and paint the other needles too.

Fits like a glove.
1980 Brown 244 GL
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