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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Wow, amazing commitment and excellent work! Looking forward to seeing it in paint.

Thanks! Me too!

Originally Posted by adomz View Post
Looks great buddy!
Thanks adomz!

A bit of progress: I really need to turn the car around, because I have ****ty access to the left rear quarter for sanding. So i have to make the car moveable. And as I want progress too, I decided to finish the suspension paint and put it in place.

This required reinforcing the torq rods:

And removing heavy rust from the joints on the M47 crossmember:

Got most of the suspension sandblasted and powder coated, now the front control arms are already in place with new bushings. Two hardline needs a bit of work and it will get the struts in place too.

After sandblasting I sprayed the whole rear axle, trailing arms, the coupe's rear axle and a few other bits with epoxy.

Ignore the mess there, I had troubles with clogging paint gun, pouring paint all over the place and generally with the mess in the garage.
Also have to keep the garage temperature above 10C with a barrel stove, as the ambient temp just dropped near freezing point.

The question is, should I paint the axle brown?
1980 Brown 244 GL

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