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Well it always takes more time than i think...

Anyways, had a bit of struggle with sanding the quarters, one point i said i let the painter guy do the rest... But then my friend came, we sorted out the mess in the garage, and finally gave me the motivation to finish these:

I think its not bad at all, and I still dont have a da sander, so its 100% handwork.
I hope I can paint the car this year with the awesome brown acryl.

Brakes are getting zinc coated and a bunch of other things too.
Pulled the fuel system from the blue car and already put it under this car, now only the fuel tank needs paint after i get it back from the sandblaster.

Sorted out the leaking diff cover issue, welded the bastard... Then Arn02 wrote me a letter that he has a spare, so it looks like I'll have a nice alu cover bolted on instead of the leaky steel one.
Thanks so much!
1980 Brown 244 GL

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