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Originally Posted by pat244ti View Post

It's a B23FT bottom end with an RSI stage 1 head and cam. I have a B21F intake that has been modded for EFI & a 960 throttle body that will go on it. For a turbo I am planning on running a 16T & 90+. I think with this combo of stuff and the right gearing it won't be too peaky and make the right amount of controllable/useable power..
I'll be 100% honest---I don't ever think about any Misterbitchy Turbos cause none of the cars I've ever owned came with one but I see this "16T" a lot so its sunk into my thick skull because of frequent repetition but just name recognition...

Forgive me but...isn't 16T some microscopic little tiny thang that came OEM on some Volvos?

How is a microscopic little itty-bitty baby little cam going to work with some cam? You look or have cam timing figures for whatever that so called Stage 1 thing is? Ya know Intake opens xx* BTDC, intake closes xy* ABDC blah blah? Have you compared the whatever to a T cam?? This is where I think a lotta guys go wrong...especially for the type of power and the type of delivery we want and that really works well with the ratios in the box...

But truth is I've only driven a few Misterbitchi turbo powered car which happened to be some Mistsubishi Eclipsed and Gaylant things and so my impressions---(-laggier than fawk and no go till a little squirt after 3500, then early sign-off) are limited.
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