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Default '89 headlight harness in '79

One last thing to pass NH inspection.

I got tired of exploding and overheating light switches in my '79. Pulled an entire headlight harness from a known good '89. I can't find the correct wiring diagram - closest thing is an '87 on the wayback machine, but it looks like the colors have changed a bit. I have the following wires I need to connect.

Yellow wire coming right off of the switch
Blue/White wire coming off of pole 87 on the relay
Green/Red coming off of pole 30 on the relay
White wire coming off of pole 87b on the relay
I connected the heavy yellow wire coming from pole 87 to the yellow wire going back to the headlight relay.

I've tried various ways of hooking these up and I can't get it right. Lights are either always on or don't work at all.

If I go by the '87 diagram, the white wire goes to the bottom two fuses with the parking lamps/side indicators. Red/green to constant power., and blue/white to switched power. I can't figure out the yellow one - on the '87 diagram it looks like it goes to fuse 1, but that would run power right to the switch, which is what I'm trying to avoid by using this setup.

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