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Even the base 960 transmission is tough as nails. It's the same as the non-turbo MkIV supra boxes, and with the accumulator delete/line pressure increase, they hold 400+ft/lbs. The Aristo/Supra version has some extra clutches, and an extra solenoid for controlling the accumulator backfill as well as line pressure...but the volvo valve body can swap right in without issues if required.

Honestly though, considering people throw the aristo A341e transmissions away 'because auto', they're a CHEAP way to hold lots of power. Be sure it's tagged AW30-40xx on the side though, because there's a 5-speed version that sucks balls. It is essentially the same box, but it uses a mixup of O/D and 1st or 2nd gear to make a mid-gear that is supposed to help acceleration...but only helps transmissions explode. Also, the shifter rod mounts to the opposite side of the transmission to the 960 box, so some creativity will need to be employed to make it work with a volvo shifter.
1984 244/ B6304S+T / AW30-40 w/Poi-Shift.
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