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Originally Posted by IBlowSeals View Post
It's not too weird a thing to say, from my perspective. I've encountered many of these cars with such issues that go beyond any stage 0 components needing replacement. These cars are old as **** and things like crank sensors, alternators, power stages, various relays and sensors crap out all the time. Maybe it's not an issue if your idea of stage O is replacing damn near every fuel and ignition component
The crank sensor was the first thing I replaced on my 245. Pretty cheap, and I got it swapped using a 10mm wrench in around 10 minutes max (it's in a pretty hard to reach spot).

Alternator would count as stage 0 if it's bad. Stage 0 is finding out what immediately needs work/was wrong when bought that prevents it from being daily driver material. Stage 0 is thus more all-encompassing if you find a car with more issues when bought. Mine had a lot but I mainly was looking for a clean body, so I was willing to settle for more mechanical/electrical work.

Since spark plugs/distributor cap/distributor rotor are part of most peoples' ideas of stage 0, I'd say that pretty much every ignition component except maybe the coil/ECU is.

Fuel system might be, if you can smell gas or see obviously bad hoses under the car.

As to advice for a 740 owner:
Tint your windows if your interior plastics are still good somehow and it's not tinted. You won't regret it. That plastic loves breaking.
Most of the 240 stage 0 stuff applies, too, for the drive train.
Make sure your instrument cluster fully works. 700 series clusters like to die with bad capacitors in a couple of model years. Also make sure your odometer moves when your car does. You may have to replace a gear (I know VDO speedos have the gear problem and Yazaki speedos have the "not working at all" problem with the bad capacitors).

If you have a yazaki unit, even if it does work, you may want to replace the electrolytic capacitors preventatively if you have the soldering gear. If your capacitors have been leaking, desoldering the components might start to smell like fish. Not a great smell, but it lets you know the capacitor you're desoldering (or one nearby) is failing/failed.
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