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Originally Posted by iLLicit wiCCit. 850 View Post
thats what i thought...but how exactly do you turn a N/A into a turbo? i mean, granted the obvious addition of the turbine itself and the manifold...? and should i just look in junkyards for parts? where i come from volvo's are extremely rare, especially in the junk yard
Where in FL are you? In my local yard there is a 940 turbo and a few 740 turbos. If you are close to Orlando or Tampa or JAX, check their yards.

You will need to do some wiring extending as the AMM and battery in the N/A is in the opposite sides as the turbo cars. But that is solved in like 15-30 minutes depending on how many times you have to stop to talk on the phone. Also, you need to slap some resistors to drop the voltage to the turbo greentop injectors, which is also not much of an effort. And that is where your electrical mods end. The rest is a matter of slapping ECU/ICU and the other turbo parts.
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