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Originally Posted by tuff240
Did raz end up hosting the vids?
And seriously, how much storage do the vids take up?
If they took up 50gb's, 2 people could download them all once and you would suck down 100gb of bandwidth. I have a hard time believing you have 50gb of volvo videos.

Edit: NM, it says 1.3gb of vids on the first post. I could have hosted that if you didn't have to get all greedy and ask for 50gb of storage.
I'm unfortunately way behind in school, but I'd love to transfer the videos off somewhere for hosting. My schedule doesn't really allow for much time poking around on the various servers that I've got various videos stored on.
I didn't have 50 gigs of videos hosted at any one time, but it could be hit pretty darn quick once I started scrounging. I only uploaded about a quarter of the videos that I had available to me. I also had tons of uploaded videos before I ran out of drive space.
I'd love to resurrect the video hosting project, but I just don't have the time at the moment. If somebody wants to set up an SFTP dropbox for me, I'll just start queuing up stuff if they'd like...

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