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Originally Posted by LC4CARL View Post
The cops were just jealous of your ride...

Originally Posted by 12david34 View Post
he enjoys washing his car more then actually driving it..
Thats not true!!

Got the seat backfoam from the upholstery guy, he did a nice job, much better than what i could have achieved with my own knowledge.

I found the upper part a bit tooo soft so i put there a seat belt strap... I may change this later to more elastic stuff, its a tad bit stronger than necessary. We will see how comfy it is on long trips.

Now the interior is all complete again:

Gangsta lean is sadly still there, much less, but thats another day's work. Worn out mechanism needs adjustment on both sides...

Missing rubber trim to the front is coming from the UK, it has almost all the mounting rubber pins, and hopefully its not shortened by the sun.
1980 Brown 244 GL

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