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Went to the annual national Volvo meet and had a great time. As soon as i parked the car guys walked up and we started talking about stuff.

There was about 200 Volvos, mostly newer models and our old boxy section. These are getting more and more rare here. One 145, 7-8 240...
Two bertones, this sexy prv 262:

And this bitchin b230ft 780 with its original californian plates:

Anyone know what can be found by just the number plate? Owner was curious, accidents, etc.

Finally someone took a nice photo of my car too :

It was funny when i left the car there without closing the hood all the way and i looked back, some guys opened the hood and checked whats under there.

As this meet was a part of a big event (drag, drift, slalom) we could run on these for free. I just tried two drag runs, here's the second:

Timeslips, I was on the B track both times. Third gear almost topped out at the end, 3,54 axle, stock B230F, 3wheels, lift and tools in trunk, M47... Gosh, poor gearbox does not like fast shifting...

David was also here with his godfather and his 242.

So yeah, it was a fun meet.

After i arrived at home, i seen that the diff pinion seal just started to leak...
1980 Brown 244 GL

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