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Default Oil on outside of Ebay intercooler but no crack??

1987 740 turbo. I just recently noticed that the area around the inlet of my Ebay intercooler has become pretty dirty on the outside with what I believe is oil. The oil has also gotten on the rad sitting behind the intercooler even where it is above the intercooler (see pics and you'll get what I mean). I did a boost leak test and the intercooler held 20psi easily with no signs of leaking in the oily area (checked with soapy water). There is grime on the front and back of the intercooler in this area, however there is no oil on the end tank of the intercooler on that side. The grime begins at the fins of the intercooler (see pic). There is no grime on the backside of the rad. Any ideas? could it be coolant mixed with dirt I'm seeing that's seeping from the rad somewhere??

the shiny spots within the grime on the intercooler are where the soapy water from my spray bottle hit the area before the boost leak test.

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