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Originally Posted by freevolvos View Post
Looks like normal road grime if nothing is leaking I wouldn't worry, it (the grime) could even be something left on it from manufacturing or a shipping preservative like a oil or welding flux clean it and see if it returns
That’s promising, don’t understand how it would have gotten on the left side only of the rad though. And not on it’s back side.

Originally Posted by Uncleknucklez View Post
I think the hose clamp on that side should be checked, as well as the hot side connection. Looks like oil from the turbo being blown across the front of the IC to me.
That was my first thought also. However I totally isolated the intercooler and it’s commections for a boost leak test and it all held pressure fine. Also if what you suggest is occurring I’d expect to see the grime on the end tank on that side however this is not the case.

Originally Posted by LeedomtoFreedom View Post
Is that license plate regulation size
Haha. Definitely not. Every brick needs character right?

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