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Haven't been here much lately. Still no M90 swap, kinda given up on that for right now. Lately my spare time is spent on either my kids or mountain biking. Or mountain biking with my kids.


Haven't driven the car much this year, but I have been messing with it a bit more lately. Learning a bit more about LH 2.4/Ostrich and have messed with the fuel map, warmup, lambda feedback thresholds, etc... Still a work in progress tho.

I refurb'd the TME brace I bought from StiligFox a while ago. It needed the tabs on one side rewelded.



The bar had a decent amount of corrosion and the brackets were rough, so I stripped, polished and painted things. The brackets were painted black, hammered finish and they turned out nothing like that. So I wet-sanded the gray satin-y color they ended up and things were fine.




I kept chasing a clunk in the front end and turns out it actually was play in the spherical bearing on one of the BNE mounts, so I swapped in the original factory strut mounts and all is well. Tuning seems to have helped that roll in ping and there aren't any more noises coming from the front end. The weather's cooling down, so I'll be driving it more before the end of the season. Not gonna lie, that $11k 744t on BAT has me thinking... As far as updates go, that's about it though.
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