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In the fall of 2017 I found a the set of 40 DCOE and 45 DCOEs vintage Weber side draft carburetors that when were taken apart, cleaned and inspected to see if rebuilding them was an option. The progression holes are the same on both carbs, there is no warpage anywhere so rebuilding them should be easy.

Also mocked up the Webers on one of two sets of Volvo Competition Department manifolds with a set of Swedish rubber mount/gaskets and Cosworth rubber vibration damping donuts and washers to see if the VCS air cleaner will clear the wheel well. It just clears, but it is too close so I will either fabricate a narrower filter element or have one made. The combo will however will fit a 122s as is. A brace to the engine needs to be fabricated to position the rubber soft mount on the outside of the inner air cleaner half. The mount is visible between the carb throats and is inside of a clamp riveted to the inner housing.

Was pleased to find out after contacting the Volvo Historic Archive to get a copy of the information on file for this car that it still has both its original engine and gearbox/OD which means this is a matching number 1800s. This information is important to serious collectors, and purists.

1967 1800s - - - 1968 122s Station Wagon

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