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The 1967 1800S covered 275 trouble free miles after being put back on the road for the season and driven on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. In the off season the front axle and front brakes, were rebuilt and restored.

The crossmember and welds are in excellent condition w/out cracks and the original paint on the front and rear was cleaned up and left as original because the car has newer suffered from any rust ever.

All the control arms were re-bushed, and new ball joints, tie rod ends and outer steering arms were installed.

The ends of the crossmember which get sandblasted by the wheels were repainted. The shock mounts were reinforced with carbon steel stampings I used to manufacture and sell (may have another run of stampings done from the dies and sell them once again.)

The calipers had been split and rebuilt a few years ago with new old stock Volvo pistons and only needed to be cleaned. The uncut original rotors only have a max of .005" runout and only needed cleaning and repainting. New nickel-copper lines replaced the original ones to the calipers.

Learned from other mechanics and drivers that run newer cars (post-WWII) at vintage races I work at and also drive in some of the time that EBC yellow racing pads made in the UK work extremely well. Also the EBC Green Stuff kevlar pads work better than most on the street and offer 15% more stopping power. Have been using them for a while and they work super well.

For this car the green paint was cleaned, scuffed up, the faces of the pads masked and the sides and steel backing was painted w/heat resistant black paint. After the break-in-period was over ended up with the best stopping power of any of the 122s and 1800s I have owned and driven.

1967 1800s - - - 1968 122s Station Wagon

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