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Eight days on the road as a daily driver and over 500 miles later the '67 1800s is doing quite well for itself and has been a pleasure to drive.

Two non-Volvo components have failed over that period:

The three or four-year-old Interstate battery the PO installed died due to a bad cell (I was able to bump start it and make it back to the shop.) It was early on a Sunday evening and all the parts stores were closed.

The only batteries kicking around in the shop were 6V units and this small 450 cranking amp Optima. It was installed in a 1914 Mercer Raceabout just before I shipped to Monterey, CA in 2012 for the Pebble Beach Concours and the Montery Historic races and used only for the two events for a client. When the car was shipped back it was pickled and stored. The battery was only used for one more race meet in 2013 in 1914 Duesenberg racing car and since then has been sitting around and now presumed to be DOA.

It checked out to still have 12.6 volts in it so it was put in the car, which then amazingly started right up, and after a charge has been in service. Have been using these batteries for years on clients cars and never cease to be impressed with the staying power and long life that Optima packs into them. Please EXCUSE the bungee cords - will make up some shorter J-hooks for the holder, tidy things up a bit and use this battery for the rest of the season.

The right angle speedo drive on the back of the OD was missing when the car was purchased last year and this repro unit was just added to replace it. Only 375-miles later the knurled end on the tube and drive connection to the trans and the die-cast body that houses the gear set parted company due to not having a tight enough press fit at the connection. There was some slack in the cable when it was installed so the failure was not caused by the cable pulling on it.

When it fell off and started bouncing on the road, the driveshaft and dragging, it sounded like a small bell going on and off repeatedly, and I was able to quickly pull over to see what the problem was. The angled section and the cable were found laying on the ground under the car. Just the cable itself was reinstalled to keep oil from leaking out and a good original unit will be installed when one is found.

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