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Well, it runs!

I REALLY hate VR sensors for triggering, and may yet swap to a crank wheel with a hall sender. I'm getting some sync losses, of the 'reason 2' variety, and every time it misses, the damn ecu seems to reset. I'm using a brand new harness, everything is shielded properly, the trim pots are set to '0', and I'm using a 10k inline resistor. I tried a 270ohm shunt and a 1k ohm shunt, but it didn't get any better than just the 10k alone. I'm going to try bumping that value up a bit and see what happens.

Now I just need to order a new dipstick (again...), get a new alternator, sort the too-short driveshaft, get a high-pressure PS line made, etc etc etc.

Still, I'm pretty damn stoked to hear it vroom. The B6 with open headers is LOUD, lol.
1984 B6304S/AW30-40 w/Poi-Shift.
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