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Default 8.8 swap - wheel advice?

I'm torn on which way to go with wheel selection so I'm looking for some experienced advice on a good way to go for wheels on my 242. Its ls swapped and I'm about to 8.8 swap the rear end. Car currently has 17" rwd peg repops which seem ok for the car - I have em but not married to them. I also want to do the s60r brake swap eventually - my understanding is the these pegs will require spacers for this to work

I see my options as:
-drill ford rears for 5x108 and run pegs maybe with spacers
-drill fronts for ford wheels 5x114.5

What do you guys recommend for the best way to go? I really don't want to buy all new wheels but maybe the ford pattern will give me more options down the road? Are the any common 17" ford wheels that will suit the car without spacers?


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