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Okay the length of the M90 driveshaft and other measuring from here.

To here.

Driveline on top is 740 with Getrag 265 five speed transmission. 28 1/2 inches.

Next driveline below that is 240 with M47 and it is 24 inches.
I got it from Harold I think he put a 740 center support on it...

The two below that are 740 with M46 and those are 20 1/8 inches.

Now the one you need is the bottom one 740 with M90 and it is 29 1/4 inches.

I showed those other ones as they are all guibo connectors to the tranny.

You can see on the top one the custom getrag one the part that is rusty is the added tube. Basically they cut the stock m46 tube off and welded a longer on in it's place. 120mil on the tubing wall. 60mil can twist and break if drag racing and 500hp..

Only driveline that might work as is, I don't have one.. 740 M47 would be the one that would be closest. Get one of those. Maybe someone here has one and can measure it..

1988 245 White slicktop M47 Wagon! 93 b230f. LH 2.4 STS flat flywheel.
1990 745 B230FT Getrag JohnV flywheel 240mm clutch 13c A-cam 3.54 G80 548K
1991 740SE B230FT NPR Strut braces IPD bar A cam 550cc EV14's. 3.73 G80 M90 to put in.
1995 940 White racing wagoon. 13c m90 to put in

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