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Are the M47 and M90 Guibo connections exactly the same? I posted pics of my M90 front halve propshaft for the OP in the M90 thread...measured 744mm (from memory). What I don't know for a fact is if all Guibo inputs are the SAME dimensionally. I don't have an M47 front half to measure.

Another solution that hasn't been discussed in this this thread.....beg a Euro TBer to buy and ship the OP the piece he needs.....and done. No cutting, welding, balancing required.
I have an M90 guibo that came with my transmission that I will compare to my M46 prop shaft this afternoon to answer that question. According to the all-you-need-to-know megathread they're the same but I've seen some other posts that say they aren't. Will post results in that thread.

I found a few more driveline shops I am going to try as well but after my previous experiences I'm not optimistic.

I've already contacted someone in Germany (the guy who built the car this is going in) who can get the prop shaft, but at the time he advised me not to pursue it because of the high shipping costs. Probably my best bet at this point though, because at least it'll be the right part.
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