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i got some wheels laying around, not all of them for Volvo though...

15x7 - 5x108 Multi-X, summer tires on my 240.

14" 5x108 Steelies that came with my 240

along with these:

i think it's 14", not sure, 5x108, the winter wheels for my 240.

Random 16" 5x120 BMW wheels i plan on restoring.

Random Jaguar wheels 5x120, that i plan on restoring

16" 4x114,3 Alutec Storm, fits some Honda, some Nissan, and on some Hyundai.
I got them for a Hyundai Pony i'm trying to sell, i've started restoring them, just gonna sell them once done.

we have a couple wheels stored in our garage


can't forget the 15" 5x120 Mag Slots on my Buick
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