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200 hp should be easy and requires no wiring at all aside from routing the amm pre turbo (other side of car).

-Install turbo and mani from a 90+ 7/9 series. Direct swap
-Modify downpipe to fit a 2 series.
-4an oil feed line from front of block
-10an oil drain to pan (hardest part of boosting a Volvo)
-Do what you want with intercooler piping but a stock intercooler will be easiest and work fine. It will essentially bolt right in and all pipes will line up.
-Remove your ecu/ezk and install turbo ecu/ezk. That’s literally it for the tune. Nothing else at all. Your car is lh2.4 because it’s auto. By the way, your auto will die instantly I bet. If staying auto just put in the aw71 from a factory turbo car.
-Use injectors from an 850 turbo as a direct swap, or use the 7/9 turbo injectors but you’ll need to wire in the resistor pack.
-Manual boost controller to 12psi should be right at 200bhp with a stock turbo.
-Run 93 octane.

Skip the vx cam and gear. You’re wasting money for your goals. I’d take the iPd turbo cam over that, but even then it’s not necessary.
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