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A minor update but I had a little time today to do a little interior detail.

I've never seen such a gross car, so much hair and lint and dust and dirt. EVERY. SINGLE. CRACK had dust, dirt and hair. 50 or so Q-Tips and a whole bunch of rubbing alcohol later and the front dash is nearly clean.

I took on cleaning the windows inside and out with some Armor All window cleaner only to find out that the windows had some really pesky water spots that wouldn't come off.
Does anyone have any technique they can suggest for hard water spots? I've heard EXTREMELY fine steel wool as well as maybe gasoline? I'm not sure how safe either are for your windows...

I want to take care of the paint when the weather starts to warm up a little more, or at least when I have more light.

In the end, the leather/vinyl material didn't look any better from what I used (or any worse) but with the cracks and splits they have, I'm just going to track down a set of clean Grey electric seats for the front and back to swap in. The end goal would be some nice Recaro's that hug the body well but that won't be until much later down the road where $1000 seats are more justified because other important things have been taken care of.
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